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Chair wrapping


 When wrapping chairs for packing, try this useful hack. Open a large box. Sit your chair in box. Use a top box flap for your chair’s back support them tape remaining box flaps closed. Feel free to wrap your chair were it is exposed.

Glass curio


To protect the glass face of any furniture pieces, cardboard will be your best friend. 

Sofa and love seat


To help save on labor time, wrapping your sofa with pads and shrink wrap will ensure your comfy sofa remains mark free during load or storage period.

Tetrix no how


Gathering like boxes for moving day can play a huge difference when its time to organize your truck. Like boxes help your service provider maximize all space available saving you time and money avoiding additional trips. 

Label rooms



Moving Day prep idea. Labeling boxes and rooms help you save time at unload destination. When you save time, you save money with House To Home Movers, LLC.